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Product industry welding metal electrodes, except stainless

Product industry welding metal electrodes, except stainless

Afrox was founded in , listed on the JSE in , and has prospered by constantly meeting the needs of customers and developing solutions that add value to customers' applications. We are currently distributing their welding electrodes, wires and gases. OctoWeld is a house brand that provides top quality welding consumables, machines and gas equipment. The welding wires and electrodes carry at least 5 international approvals, the machines come with a 3 year warranty and the gas equipment regulators carry a 5 year warranty, which puts these products among the top brands in the world. ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. Our innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from our customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader.

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Stick Electrodes

TIG welding can be safe if proper precautions are used. The four most common dangers of welding stainless steel are:. TIG is short for Tungsten Inert Gas , and it is a common type of welding for used for stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other non-ferrous metals. Also referred to as GTAW gas tungsten arc welding it is one of the most versatile methods of welding. TIG welding uses electricity to create an arc between a tungsten electrode and the metal to be welded.

The arc melts a filler rod of metal alloys. In order to make the weld as strong as possible, the arc where the tungsten electrode is closest to the metal and the filler rod is surrounded by an inert gas, typically argon or an argon-CO2 blend. The arc created during TIG welding gives off UV ultra-violet and IR infra-red radiation that are absorbed by the cornea and can even reach the retina of the eye.

The UV given off by any electric arc welding is considerably more intense than sunlight. To protect the eyes, a welding helmet is used during TIG welding. The helmet has a darkly tinted window in front of the eyes called a lens shade.

Only a few seconds of exposure will result in "arc eye" although symptoms may not be felt for several hours. Fortunately, except in the most extreme cases arc eye can be treated with eye drops, pain medication and limiting further exposure to light dark rooms, sunglasses, etc.

Repeated exposure has been linked with cataracts. Over time it will cause the equivalent of sun burn from staying out too long in the sun. However, unlike sun burn, the effects from TIG welding can happen in as little as 15 minutes.

The effects of UV radiation poisoning to the skin are well known. Fortunately, the solution is simple. In addition to eye, head, and neck protection from the welding helmet, gloves and long-sleeve shirts should be used during TIG welding. Because TIG welding uses electricity one would assume electrical shock would be a concern. Some welders using TIG have received a shock. However, because of the low voltages used it is almost impossible to be electrocuted during TIG welding.

The biggest danger reported for electric shock from TIG welding is water. Welding in the rain, in a high-humidity environment or even while dripping sweat should be avoided. Wet skin is a conductor. Therefore, the best way to avoid electric shock while TIG welding is to keep at least gloves and boots dry. A small but toxic by-product of TIG welding is the generation of ozone, nano-particles less than nm and off-gassing of the molten metal.

Nano-particles are especially harmful to human health because of their ability to penetrate inside the respiratory system and enter the blood stream.

A comprehensive study of the by-products of TIG welding done by the Swiss National Science Foundation found that student welders were exposed to high levels of aluminum, tungsten, silicon, sodium, magnesium and cerium which were off-vented by the metal being welded, the filler rod and the electrode.

However, the amount of each element produced was related to the skill of the welder. Most of the particles were produced when the electrode touched the metal or filler rod. With training, this was lessened. One chemical that was always present was ozone O3. Even relatively low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and throat irritation.

It may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections. The study noted that even in a ventilated environment exposure exceeded averages found in traffic-polluted air. They also found that 15 hours of TIG welding fumes was the equivalent of smoking one cigarette.

All this has led some health researchers to claim a link between TIG welding and cancer. While the long-term health effects of welding exposure to many of the chemicals and particles are not agreed upon, the safest solution would be to only weld in a well-ventilated area and to follow proper welding technique.

For example, welding may be required inside a stainless-steel container or in long sections of industrial pipe. Even in small TIG welding projects, the welder is only inches away from the plume of shield gas surrounding the work piece.

Unless an effort is made the welder and support personnel in the vicinity can be exposed to an accumulated cloud of argon or carbon dioxide. If safety is not central to the welding personnel, people in the area are subject to the effects of both high levels of shield gas and oxygen depletion.

The effects of elevated levels of argon and carbon dioxide are similar. Both are odorless and tasteless gases. High levels of exposure can lead to dizziness and nausea ultimately followed loss of consciousness, and death.

Death may also result from confusion caused by the welder unable to rescue themselves. OSHA defines air that contains less than In cases where TIG welding takes place in a factory, a local exhaust ventilation system including a hood and ducted fan are recommended.

In cases where the welder is working off-site or in an enclosed area they should use a personal oxygen safety monitor or in the most extreme conditions, use supplemental breathing air. Close menu. The four most common dangers of welding stainless steel are: UV light from the welding arc can damage eyes and skin Shield gases can displace oxygen Toxic fumes from molten metals Electric shocks from unsafe tools or working conditions What is TIG Welding? The process of TIG welding of metals like stainless steel has several vectors for risk.

The UV light given off is harmful to eyes and skin. The molten metal gives off molecules of metal and ozone which are harmful to respiration. The shield gas can displace oxygen and cause dizziness, nausea or fainting. TIG welding uses electricity which can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Each of the dangers of TIG welding and precautions used to mitigate them are discussed below.

TIG Welding Fumes A small but toxic by-product of TIG welding is the generation of ozone, nano-particles less than nm and off-gassing of the molten metal.

Staincord 309Mo-16

Duplex stainless steel, which has a dual-phase microstructure consisting of ferritic and austenitic grains, as shown in Photo 1, overcomes the weaknesses associated with two types of steel by offering higher resistance to stress corrosion cracking than austenitic stainless steel and better notch toughness than ferritic stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel plays an important role in such diverse applications as petro-chemical plants, chemical carriers, offshore structures and bridges as shown in Photos 2 and 3. This article will discuss the features of duplex stainless steels as well as their most suitable welding consumables.

Seam welding is the joining of work pieces made of similar or dissimilar materials along a continuous seam. Seam welding can be broken down into two main techniques, resistance seam welding and friction seam welding.

TIG welding can be safe if proper precautions are used. The four most common dangers of welding stainless steel are:. TIG is short for Tungsten Inert Gas , and it is a common type of welding for used for stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other non-ferrous metals. Also referred to as GTAW gas tungsten arc welding it is one of the most versatile methods of welding. TIG welding uses electricity to create an arc between a tungsten electrode and the metal to be welded.

316L Stainless Steel Electrodes

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and help us improve our websites. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies. WARNING : This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium hexavalent compounds , which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Carbon monoxide , which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. Register or Login. Sign up for Email Need an Account? Safety Products. Email Print. Hover cursor over image to view larger picture. Package Size: 10 US pound.

Is TIG Welding Stainless Steel Dangerous?

Stick Electrodes. Please wait Narrow Results Clear Filters. Welding Positions All All, except vertical down All, except vertical up. For mild and low alloy steel welding applications.

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One thing for sure is that these consumables are not one size fits all. They have varying material coatings, fall into different categories, serve a variety of purposes, and even require specialized storage and care. Understanding these basics about your SMAW and hardfacing electrodes makes a world of difference in your end result. Carbon Steel Electrode Coatings Steel electrodes fall into three categories based on coating composition: cellulosic, rutile, and basic.


Whether you are a DIYer who stick welds only a few times a year or a professional welder who welds every day, one thing is certain: Stick welding requires a lot of skill. It also requires some know-how about stick electrodes also called welding rods. Because variables such as storage techniques, electrode diameter and flux composition all contribute to stick electrode selection and performance, arming yourself with some basic knowledge can help you minimize confusion and better ensure stick welding success. Hundreds, if not thousands, of stick electrodes exist, but the most popular are mild steel electrodes, which fall into the American Welding Society AWS classification A5.

R Pioneer L is a rutile coated electrode with an austenitic core — wirealloy low carbon content. Weldable in all position except vertical down. Stable arc easy striking and restrike. After cleaning the weld leaves fine ripple seam surface without under cuttings. Application is suitable for welding Cr Ni steels of the same nature, further application welding materials L, ,

Welding Protection

MCR Safety's welding products are designed to keep welders safe from numerous workplace hazards. From leather gloves and flame-resistant clothing, to sateen cotton and eyewear, we have a multitude of options to fit your protective needs. Below, you can learn more about welding: the industries, processes, activities and hazards. You can also dive directly into our four main welding product categories: gloves, glasses, garment and welding product enhancements. Welding is like sewing, except with fire…. It is the most common method for permanently joining two separate materials or metal parts. The process involves heating metal, adding a filler material that forms a pool of molten material, and then fusing the metal to form a permanent bond.

lowing benefits they bring to gas metal arc welding damage globally to the iron and steel industries that intersect with our welding business. petrochemical products, gasoline, and other commodities become difficult to .. All positions except vertical-down . with KOBELCO covered electrodes for typical stainless steels.

Alloy Steel Electrodes The offered electrode is used in welding of high tensile, low-alloy steels. Offered electrode is manufactured in conformity with quality standards by using optimal quality steel that gives excellent arc stability. We offer this electrode in several specifications to choose from.


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The standards insure that you choose the right material to meet the welding code. While manufacturers produce their own proprietary brands and models, the products themselves can be cross-referenced to applicable industry classifications. For instance, a rod sold under the proprietary name "Pipemaster 60" will conform to the requirements of an "E" classification which will be explained in a moment. For more examples, check out this sales list posted by Hobart Brothers.

Dyeing and dairy equipment, Chemical vessels, Brewery and food equipment. Also suitable for welding of steels with high carbon content often used in the cement industry for anchor welding.

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8 Questions About Stick Welding Electrodes Answered

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