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Product industry bodywork, their components and spare parts

Product industry bodywork, their components and spare parts

Being a leading business platform in Russia and Eastern Europe, MIMS Automechanika Moscow annually reaffirms its status as a major event for car aftersales service industry. Read More. This year, the IMAF brought together over representatives of companies specializing in automobile making. The AGORA open conference platform featured over 30 crucial topics covered by the key speakers of the industry. If you have any questions about the exhibition, please contact us - we are happy to help you! Send email.

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Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to resolve Product industry bodywork, their components and spare parts, but each case is unique.

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Drivers and Trends of the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Industry

Products such as tires and engine oil are not usually produced by the vehicle manufacturer themselves: these are more specialist parts. With these practices, the aftermarket parts industry is totally reliant on trends in the primary automotive industry.

For example, low sales of new vehicles will have a negative effect on the aftermarket industry due to there being fewer vehicles requiring replacement parts. Electronic Products. Drivers are increasingly looking to accessorize by retrofitting their vehicles with electronic devices such as GPS and dashcams.

All parts on a vehicle have a service life; consumables such as brakes and tires will need replacement as they wear, while transmission and engine parts will need replacing as the vehicle ages. Owners like to keep their vehicles looking as new as possible and protect them from deterioration, which has led to an increased demand for better waxes, washes, polishes and protection products.

Oils, Fluids and Additives. Vehicles will need fluids such as engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluid routinely throughout their life. There is also demand for performance additives and fuel stabilizers. Alternators, generators and electrical components become less reliable as vehicles age; these will need to be replaced with time.

While bodywork, bumpers and structural parts routinely last the useful life of the vehicle, they may need replacement due to accident damage. Many manufacturers also supply bodywork kits, enabling owners to customize their vehicles. There are some key trends developing which have had an effect on the aftermarket parts distribution industry:. In the average age of a car was With cars lasting longer than ever, this trend will also increase the demand for replacement parts. The increased density of traffic on the road has led to an increased risk of accidents, resulting in increased demand for replacement bodywork and structural parts.

Emerging markets have had a secondary effect on aftermarket parts wholesale. With demand rising in new areas of the globe, parts need to be distributed to new locations. The increase in second-hand grey and parallel imports across different countries has been a driver of increased demand for spares. The demand for ecologically friendly vehicles has driven demand for aftermarket parts such as catalytic converters and electronic chips to improve fuel consumption on older vehicles.

Owners increasingly want new features to modify their older vehicles. There are a few challenges to be addressed as the automotive aftermarket parts distribution industry changes:. Owners still want performance, but stricter testing regulations mean that powertrain and fuel efficiencies must reach new standards. To be successful, businesses dealing with aftermarket parts management need to adapt to the market by:. The ability to forecast demand is imperative. Having created popular product lines, distributors should ensure these are always available.

Forecasting also includes seasonality for distributors. For example, living in an area that sees a lot of snow means that customers could be more interested in snow tires for certain vehicles as winter hits or even for certain waxes after their cars are exposed to all the salt on the roads from the winter. Rather than being reliant on revenue from a changing customer base, better products that require less frequent replacement coupled with fast and efficient service will help to build a solid base of new and returning customers.

So, the optimal situation for building up a prosperous business is to find the balance between not having too much stock of low-demand items and on the other hand not having too less stock of high-demand items. As mentioned before, a solution for this is to implement accurate forecasting mechanisms. Have a look at this white paper to get further practical information for this topic:. I Agree.

Trade Fairs of Equipment & Supply for Automotive Services

Psychology Press Bolero Ozon. Jomo Kwame Sundaram Jomo. Since , Malaysia's remarkable economic performance has attracted attention around the world and been subject to much study and enthusiastic acclaim. However, in the wake of the financial crisis of , the debate has centred on whether this impressive growth rate can be sustained.

J4Europe is a company created in July by an international group of companies operating in the production and trade of spare parts for bodywork for trucks. Ustrzycka 6 Warszawa — Polska — Poland tel. Our team is constantly working to expand the offer of spare parts, guaranteeing quality and competitive prices without compromises.

Jim Blythe has been a Merchant Navy officer, a ladies hairdresser, a business consultant, a rock musician, a truck driver, a company director and an award-winning playwright all before becoming an academic he always planned on having a varied life and likes learning new skills. Currently he is trying to learn to grow vegetables with limited success Jim has written 18 books, over 50 journal articles, and has contributed chapters to 8 other books. He has taught overseas, written open-learning packs for international training organisations and has been a Senior Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. His next venture is to study for a degree in modern languages having left school at 16 he thinks it s time to get the education he missed out on.

MIMS Automechanika Moscow

UK blogs use cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies. Vehicle crime has come a long way since the first highwaymen hijacked coaches on the turnpike roads surrounding 17th century London. Being robbed by Claude Duval must have been almost worth paying for. Today, the cutting-edge of crime is to be found inside the vehicle. A more pervasive piracy is at play, transforming masterpieces into fakes. Automobile manufacturers, spare-part makers, vehicle designers, engineers and sales and maintenance teams, are all affected by the same problem. Cheap, counterfeit vehicle parts appeal to consumers, but they risk lives, compromise performance, damage the environment and put the long-term future of the motor industry at risk. According to BMW , the most commonly counterfeited car parts are also some of the most important: filters, brake disks and linings, lights and headlights, bodywork panels, wheel rims and spark plugs are the most frequently faked.

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Demands on our means of transport have never been as high as they are today: They should be sustainable, autonomous, connected and at the same time suitable for large-scale use. How can automotive manufacturers meet these expectations and at the same time compete with ever-tougher competition? Questions like these provide daily challenges to our automotive customers and ourselves. We are already working on the solutions — from high-quality materials for electric vehicles, intelligent steering systems for autonomous driving to digitized assembly lines for highly efficient production processes. Economical lightweight construction and increasing crash safety are the focus of modern vehicle body development.

Strategy and Management of Industrial Brands is the first book devoted to business-to-business products and services. Looking at numerous companies, this book defines two brand objectives that are specific to the industrial and service sectors and which must be added to the traditional functions of branding: the minimization of risk as perceived by buyers, and the facilitation of the customer company's performance by the supplier brand.

Have you ever wondered exactly what your car is made of? No, not how hard and fast it can be pushed on a race track, or what its limits off-road really are -- but what materials are actually used to build it. We hear a lot about the parts that make up our cars, such as engines, transmissions , seats, HVAC systems, and so on. But we never really give much thought to the bits and pieces of raw materials that are used in auto manufacturing to create these things.

Driving for change: counterfeit car parts

Get a fresh start. Peter Campbell and Michael Pooler. Report a mispronounced word.

Krafft has reached over sixty years of age. A professional path that was born in to offer high quality products to the automotive, construction and industrial sectors. Nowadays, as Krafft AUTO, we have become role players in the automotive spare parts market , being the reference supplier of all kinds of chemical products. Krafft has been and will always be the collaborator of professionals, developing and offering products and solutions aimed to make workshops tasks easier, constantly following the parameters of maximum quality and maximum reliability in the chemical products industry for the automotive market. If there is an industry where continuous technological development is a key factor, that is the automotive industry. The more and more demanding international quality standards, and the more and more strict requirements of the OEMs, call for the development of more advanced products in all parts, including the chemical products and lubricants: engines, systems and parts are in continuous revision.

MIMS Automechanika Moscow

Autopromotec pre-registration form Autopromotec awarded best international fair for the year The AFCAR Manifesto for freedom in car-repair A billion euro business expected by for the automotive aftermarket sector EGEA appoints the new Secretary General Autopromotec recommends. Share this on. Second hand economy: used cars drive the aftermarket Dino Collazzo We are looking at an important market, one that has sustained Auto-components manufacturers , spare parts dealers and repair workshops during the worst period of the recession. Not only, the sector has continued to generate good profits margins for dealers, authorized and private retailers right down to our days. The web represents the biggest news for the sector with change of ownerships constantly on the rise. In Italy, according to a research carried out by Doxa, the second-hand car market is worth 19 billion euro. If the aftermarket sector is currently thriving, credits should be given not only to a steadily rising automotive market. Auto-component manufacturers, spare parts dealers and repair workshops are enjoying good results also thanks to second-hand car sales, as they obviously need greater attention and maintenance compared to a new vehicle.

Sep 29, - Automotive body parts are those parts that make up the car body, ranging from bumpers, fenders, header panels, hoods, This Product Fact sheet analyses the market for vehicle body parts in the EU. Materials and components .. When replacement is needed, this process is most often done by OEMs.

Products such as tires and engine oil are not usually produced by the vehicle manufacturer themselves: these are more specialist parts. With these practices, the aftermarket parts industry is totally reliant on trends in the primary automotive industry. For example, low sales of new vehicles will have a negative effect on the aftermarket industry due to there being fewer vehicles requiring replacement parts.

Exporting vehicle body parts to Europe

Vehicle body parts for tractors, motor cars and other motor vehicles are — and will likely continue to be — a growing market in Europe. Despite this growth, the share of vehicle body parts imported from developed countries is limited. Though opportunities are limited as well, they do exist.

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