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Produce plant book and magazine products

Produce plant book and magazine products

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8 Ways Overseas Drug Manufacturers Dupe the FDA

Printers everywhere are converting to digital production presses. Ironically, the company that's leading the digital charge is also undergoing a radical transition. Xerox Corp. Stamford, CT is synonymous with high-quality office copiers. But, the company is pinning its future on products such as the iGen3 digital production press. The foot-long machine, which weighs nearly 4 tons, is Xerox's flagship product.

It is used by commercial printers around the world and can produce 6, full-color 8 by inch impressions per hour. Xerox also markets other lines of high-end production machines under the Docutech and Nuvera brand names. The ,square-foot plant is located in a suburb of Rochester, NY, nestled along the shore of Lake Ontario. It was nominated for its innovative use of Lean Six Sigma to reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve safety, shorten time to market, and enhance product quality and yields.

Xerox has achieved a remarkable turnaround by focusing shop floor efforts on meeting and exceeding customer needs. Xerox's manufacturing team has transformed its assembly process from traditional methods to a more specialized, technically advanced approach.

Assemblers at the Webster plant combine lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles to build high-tech machines that are exported worldwide. The plant is the only Xerox facility in the world building digital production presses.

That means the plant exports machines to Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Poland and other countries often associated with offshore manufacturing. The primary product assembled in Webster is the iGen3, the fastest and biggest digital full-color printer on the market. Operators install motors, 70 printed circuit boards, 27 power supplies and 3. Although it weighs almost 8, pounds, the iGen3 is built to tolerances smaller than a human hair.

Each digital production press takes 9 days to build and test. The iGen3 assembly line has decreased cycle time over the last three years by 53 percent and reduced its defect per hundred machines DPHM rate by 33 percent, which Borges claims is a major accomplishment due to the complexity of the product. The Nuvera assembly line has achieved a 32 percent year over year improvement in DPHM, and has improved its Cpk from 1. Automation in final configuration verification has resulted in a 50 percent productivity improvement.

A Growing Market For most people, Xerox and "copier" are synonymous. In fact, the company is so well identified with the product that the term "Xerox machine" is often used to refer to duplicators made by other companies. Although it's a proper noun, Xerox is also frequently misused as a verb. If Wim Appelo has his way, some day Xerox will also be synonymous with the term "printing press. But, Xerox faces formidable competition in the tradition-bound printing industry, which has relied on large offset web presses for more than years.

Digital production presses are highly flexible systems that can print books, magazines, catalogs, posters, newsletters, brochures, financial statements and other materials with rich, vibrant colors. It creates little waste; 97 percent of its components are recyclable or remanufacturable; it emits 80 percent less noise than a typical offset press; and it does not generate any hazardous materials.

Offset printing presses require several flammable chemicals, such as alcohols, chlorinated solvents and acids, which need to be carefully managed and disposed. During the prepress process, end users must spend significant time and energy to make four plates-one each for cyan, magenta, yellow and black-to create an image.

In sharp contrast, the prepress process with a digital press simply requires the assembly of electronic bits and bytes to make an image.

Offset equipment also requires wet inks and varnishes that frequently need to be mopped up with cleaning towels and solvents. But, the iGen3 digital production press holds almost 80 pounds of dry ink. The cartridges are recyclable, closed containers that snap into place. According to Appelo, more and more end users are demanding high-quality, short-run, full-color printing.

Today, 33 percent of all commercial print jobs are produced in 24 hours or less. Digital production printing enables faster turnaround of large print jobs and offers the advantages of customized, one-to-one printing and print-on-demand. The commercial printing industry is undergoing a radical transformation as it shifts to digital production technology. According to the National Association for Printing Leadership Paramus, NJ , 16 percent of the 32, print shops currently operating in the United States will disappear by the end of this decade.

For those that remain, investing in digital printing presses will be the top priority over the next 5 years. In fact, a recent study conducted by TrendWatch Graphic Arts New York claims that 15 percent of end users plan to purchase a digital color press in the next 12 months.

Frank Romano, a professor in the school of print media at the Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY , predicts that digital technology will account for 35 percent of total print volume in the United States by The words "Xerox" and "xerography" were trademarked in The following year, the world's first commercial copier, the Model A, was unveiled. Although Xerox's corporate headquarters is located near New York City, its heart and soul lie more than miles away in Rochester, where the company is the region's third largest employer.

The Worldwide Production Systems Manufacturing Plant is located on a 1,acre campus that's home to Xerox's global research, engineering, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Other factories on the campus produce consumables such as ink, toner and cartridges. In addition, Xerox assembles proprietary microelectronic components, such as image sensors used in digital scanning platforms. The image input development unit maintains Class and 1, clean rooms for processing silicon wafers and multichip modules.

The Worldwide Production Systems Manufacturing Plant was built in the early s to mass-produce office copiers, such as the Xerox , the first automatic copier to use ordinary paper. More than , units were made until the company stopped producing the popular machine in The Webster operation used to manufacture tens of thousands of office copiers annually. Today, the facility produces a few hundred iGen3 digital production presses and several thousand monochrome production products each year.

Most of the production was destined to North American sales, as similar plants would produce the same products in other geographies. After it lost its commercial credit lines, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy by October Many analysts speculated that Xerox would file for Chapter 11 protection. Instead of curling up in a corner, Xerox management unveiled an aggressive turnaround plan in and challenged employees to join the fight for survival.

The ambitious effort centered on improving cash flow, profitability, productivity and competitiveness, while working toward strengthening the company's core businesses. In a painful move, Xerox trimmed its workforce from 96, to 58, and outsourced a large chunk of the company's manufacturing operations to Flextronics Inc.

Anne Mulcahy, the company's newly appointed CEO, refocused the company on its printing and imaging businesses where there was less competition and more opportunity for long-term growth. It didn't take long for Xerox to implement its turnaround plan. In , Mulcahy announced that the turnaround plan had been achieved. To support the turnaround plan, the Worldwide Production Systems Manufacturing Plant reshaped itself and focused its attention on high-end production printing products.

The conversion process coincided with the launch of several new products, such as the iGen3, which was introduced in For instance, the plant has adopted a smaller footprint. The size of the shop floor dropped from , square feet in January to , square feet in January The goal is to reduce that space to , square feet by consolidation and transformation of the monochrome manufacturing plants from three distinct areas into one manufacturing area.

The consolidation will simplify material flow. According to Borges, the Worldwide Production Systems Manufacturing Plant has embraced six strategic initiatives that will drive future success: Customer focus-ensure the highest levels of quality and excellence in everything it does and succeed through satisfied customers. Predictable-meet customer expectations by providing consistent service and results.

Flexible-make it easy for customers to do business with the plant and provide services that are aligned with their business models. Fast-improve work processes and reduce cycle time to deliver world-class results for customers. Affordable-deliver benchmark cost performance. Rewarding-delight customers with service and provide employees with a safe, enriching work environment. In late , Xerox began a companywide effort to integrate Six Sigma and lean manufacturing tools and processes into a comprehensive strategy called Xerox Lean Six Sigma.

According to Appelo, it is "a disciplined, data-driven method of reducing waste and variation in processes so they consistently deliver products and services at the quality levels, speeds and prices that customers value. In addition, the facility boasts 20 black belts, who support the plant from the paper supplies and supply chain operations' Lean Six Sigma office, and 24 green belts; 25 employees are working toward green belt certification.

Lean Six Sigma has been successfully applied to many plant floor activities. For instance, he says testing time for the iGen3 has been reduced by 60 percent after several iterations of process improvements using Lean Six Sigma.

On the Nuvera assembly line, manufacturing engineers recently used Lean Six Sigma to solve a problem. At the conclusion of this project, the inset registration had been improved to 1 to 1. No modules failed to meet spec and process capability improved from 0. According to Mulcahy, the growth strategy "starts with spending a lot of time with our customers.

Some companies preach that; we practice it. We estimate that 80 percent of our people have regular contact with our customers. Because we're keenly aware that it takes five times as much effort and money to attract a new customer as it does to keep an old one. Even more importantly, we know that if we listen to our customers-really listen-they will tell us what we need to be successful. What we learn permeates all our decisions.

That's exactly what we're helping them do. Indeed, more than 8 billion pages are currently produced annually on Xerox digital production color systems worldwide.

The largest installation of iGen3 presses is in Japan, where 24 machines produce monthly statements for a large credit card company. Cardholders receive integrated one-to-one marketing pieces that provide information tailored to their individual needs with billing details, ads, and color text and images.

In addition to large financial institutions and commercial printers, customers range from retailers to hotels and resorts. A tour operator in Germany uses three iGen3 presses to produce personalized travel documents for its European customers. The company relies on the machines to help it strengthen customer relationships and generate more sales with customized, full-color travel brochures that attract a reader's attention and increase response rates.

To strengthen the bond with its own customers, Xerox opened a multimillion-dollar customer center earlier this year that is attached to the Worldwide Production Systems Manufacturing Plant. The Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation is a ,square-foot facility that gives current and prospective commercial printers and commercial customers integrated, one-stop access to Xerox's entire portfolio of digital production printing equipment.

More than 60 Xerox experts work in the state-of-the-art facility, which was built in an area formerly occupied by part of the plant.

Since 1877

Printers everywhere are converting to digital production presses. Ironically, the company that's leading the digital charge is also undergoing a radical transition. Xerox Corp. Stamford, CT is synonymous with high-quality office copiers.

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It will highlight: 1 Automotive 2 Foam 3 Basics: Recycling. Deadline for editoral contributions is Jan 3rd, This website uses external components, such as Fonts, maps, videos or analysis tools that can all be used to collect data about your behavior. Privacy policy. Latest News. A, the company has announced in a statement on the website. Read more.

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A brief overview of the history and market for plant-based meats and seafood will be reviewed. Processing technologies and ingredients used to produce these products will be described. I wish to thank my co-author, Roberto Avena-Bustillos, research food technologist at the U. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, for contributing to this column.

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Want the ultimate sign that frozen desserts have changed? Spinach ice cream! They are among a group of producers on the leading edge of a resurgence of alternative ice creams.

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The Goal is a management-oriented novel by Eliyahu M. Goldratt , a business consultant known for his theory of constraints , and Jeff Cox, a best selling author and co-author of multiple management-oriented novels. This book can be used for case studies in operations management, with a focus geared towards the theory of constraints, bottlenecks and how to alleviate them, and applications of these concepts in real life. Like other books by Goldratt and by Cox, The Goal is written as a piece of fiction.

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