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Produce building engines for cars and motorcycles

Produce building engines for cars and motorcycles

The Aurora Hellfire is an insane piece of Australian engineering. Designed by former motorcycle racer, Vincent Messina, the Hellfire produces a scarcely believable bhp and ft lb of torque from its enormous cc V8 engine. To put that into perspective, the most powerful production bike currently on sale, the Kawasaki H2, produces around bhp from its supercharged cc engine. The innovative Hossack front end should stop the bike from diving on the way into the corners, and the Ohlins monotube and multi-link rear suspension setup should help keep things under control on the way out.

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: BMW S1000RR + BMW Bikes Production - HOW ITS MADE Supersport BMW Motorcycles

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Flat-twin engine

Does that motorcycle really have two engines? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous. It's got four. Gordon Tronson has built a legendary reputation for himself as a wildly excessive, multi-engine hot rod builder — and like his outrageous vehicles, this Kiwi character is one of a kind!

Born and raised in New Zealand, Tronson moved to Canada and then the United States to pursue his passion as a custom vehicle builder. He's worked on all manner of cars, trucks and motorcycles, from racing dragsters to choppers, ground-up replica Lamborghinis to vintage motorhomes — but what shot him to global fame was his stunning decision to throw two massive supercharged motors side by side in a Model T hot rod he called Double Trouble.

A blinding abundance of chromed-out excess at the front of this thing produces more than horsepower, and despite the outrageous look it's actually completely road legal — at least in Tronson's home state of Nevada. Encouraged by Double Trouble's roaring success at national and international hot rod shows, Tronson got to work on a couple of sequels, including a four-engined Ford Econoline and the horsepower, four-engined Harley in the lead photo.

But these are far from his only projects; he's often working on a dozen or more vehicles at once. We spoke to Tronson over the phone from his Nevada home, to discuss his most famous projects, his New Zealand origins, and what he's got coming over the horizon. It was a most entertaining conversation with a cheerful, friendly and refreshingly candid overachiever.

What follows is an edited transcript. I'm just trying to work out how many vehicles I've got. I've gotta come home every bloody night and count my bloody inventory. I've got 42 cars now, bloody 7 motorcycles, two motorhomes and a boat. It's bloody ridiculous. Anyway, I was speaking to a bloke last night from England, he's a freelance photographer. He's been coming to the United States each year for a while, reporting on all the drag racing, hot rod shows and whatever.

I was very fortunate, I ran into him at a hot rod show. Nearly literally, too, I almost ran him over with my hot rod back in , I think. He looked up and saw my frickin' hot rod coming towards him and just got all over it. Then straight away he's doing a big photoshoot, he goes back over to England, sticks it in a German magazine, one that goes all over Europe. Next thing I know, he calls out and says "hey, if you wanna bring the hot rod and the motorcycle to Essen, Germany, there's an international expo.

You can't do an engine swap. Very, very restrictive. So hot rods … forget it. They're non-existent. They have a big following in Germany, and the show we just went to had a shitload of hot rods, but none of them are allowed on the street. It's funny, they just trailer them from place to place.

I had a French film team ring up and make an appointment with me, to come and do a video on the hot rod, and I let the guy drive it. The guy that was the editor, the main guy, he said "Gordon, I've driven every car on the planet from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Bugattis, but this takes the cake.

It's incredible. But you could never, ever own anything like this in France, it's just impossible. So I took my car and my motorcycle to Germany on an all expenses paid, pocket money, hotels, they fed us … it was wonderful.

That was back in , and in I went again. It's been an exciting ride! Well, yeah I think so! I think the cost for shipping that thing to Germany, all the trucks inside Germany, they've gotta be spending ten, fifteen thousand dollars. It's been quite the ride, incredible write-ups … I get emails from all over the world, New Zealand, South Africa … I got one from a guy in South Africa the other day, he was just beside himself over the hot rod.

I get fan mail from Europe, it's amazing. Loz: So America's very permissive with what they let you put on the road. Is that why you left New Zealand? Yeah exactly, pretty much. I actually emigrated from New Zealand to Canada. It's funny, when I was a kid, all I wanted was a Mustang. The only way I could get one was to go to America and buy one. Ended up staying there for 14 years, then I started building these Lamborghini replicas, and next thing, everybody around the world wanted one.

A friend of mine said "well, not much point doing it in Canada," so we came to Vegas for this SEMA show, and thought 'heck that'd be a good place to live. So we went back to Canada, one thing led to another, and we got permits and everything, and moved down. And we started building these Lamborghini replicas, and then next thing you know I'm getting bloody sued for five million dollars to stop doing it!

So that was the end of that, and I went back to my trade, which was telecommunications. I got back in the telecom business, started my own company, and the rest is history! Yeah, yeah it was. The nice thing about living here, especially in the state of Nevada, is that we're not restricted. Pretty much all the car has to have is what they had back in the 50s. Two headlights, a tail light, signals, a wiper, a horn and fenders.

You can pretty much build whatever you want here! I mean you build it in such a fashion that it looks a respectable, and it's got all the bells and whistles, and then you take it down to the DMV, and they'll come out an inspect it. You give them all the receipts for it and they'll give you a VIN number. It's pretty easy.

I really don't take it out all that often anyway. Mind you I took it out last Friday to a car show, but as a rule I don't take it out too often. I was cruising down the freeway one day and a bloody Highway Patrol guy came alongside me, and paced me for quite a while, probably checked the license plate and everything.

And he kinda just gave me the thumbs up and took off …. Loz: Once you've seen something like that in motion … I don't think there's anyone out there who wouldn't love that thing.

It's so over the top, so extreme, and so beautifully done as well. It's a pretty car as well as a crazy car. It's like anything else. If you behave yourself, and don't ask for trouble … and that's what I have to do.

I'm sure the police could pull me over and get me for something if they wanted to. Before, when I had the two superchargers, it was difficult to see ahead, so I had to kinda cock my head to one side, or lean over and look between the blowers. But now I've got the four blowers and a new body on the car, a '32 roadster body. And when I did that, I also made a new seat that boosts me up just above the blowers. So if somebody pulled me over saying I can't see where I'm going, I can have them sit in the car and say "yeah you can see.

It's a funny thing, that, it's about the simplest thing in the world compared to the technologies of the times we live in. If you imagine at the back of each motor there's a great big cog, like a supercharger on a dragster, and it has a great big belt that drives. The belt is three and a half inches wide, 14 millimeter teeth on it, extremely huge teeth.

A carbon fiber industrial belt, you could hang a frickin' tank from this thing and it wouldn't break. And you think of a big triangle, with the two engines, and it drops down to a center shaft, which then attaches to the transmission.

Very, very simple, actually. But at the moment I'm the only guy that's doing it. It you look at my motorcycle, it's done exactly the same way. The two engines on the right are coupled together through a jack shaft under the seat.

And the two engines on the left connect to a belt, which wraps around the same shaft. And that drops down to the clutch and the transmission. The motorcycle took a lot more engineering, because as you can see, it's a big motorcycle, but not as big as you'd think with four engines.

It's only 12 inches longer than a stock Harley dresser, an Electra-Glide. That's quite amazing. It weighs 1, pounds, and if I've got boots on, I can touch the ground.

I've driven it three times, I don't know if I'll drive it again. I'm gonna get back into it. But it took first place in Sturgis a couple years ago, and of course you had to drive it to prove it worked.

But it's more of a showpiece than anything at the moment until I get a bit more courage to drive it. Well it's just that it's so big. But the funny thing is, when I did drive it, as you got going, the faster you go, the better it got. So I've got a feeling if I get it really going, take it out on the freeway or whatever, that it'll be just fine.

But it's a bit nerve-wracking the first time taking it around the neighborhood, kinda wobbled a bit. It was interesting, that's for sure. And four Harley engines, bloody hell.

Harley-Davidson Finds Partner to Make Small Motorcycles in China

AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems. When we think about the powertrain, cars and trucks normally spring to mind. Yet there is a massive global market for smaller engines — in motorcycles, scooters, and recreational products used on water, land and in the air.

In Motorcycles. Build a frame and stick a car engine in it — simple, right? Transplant that boxer engine with an Alfa Romeo mill, right?!

Welcome to www. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. Building motorcycles in India is all about high volumes. These are big numbers especially when you consider limited amount of automation used in the assembly of two-wheelers.

Small vehicles, big numbers

Yamaha will soon begin building engines over cc in their Indonesian factory for worldwide export in motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The Japanese company starts big-engine production this year and will invest tens of millions of dollars to increase production to 10, to 20, engines a year by The factory has previously only made small-capacity bikes for the Asian market, but Yamaha believes idle factory capacity can be harnessed to make larger engines that are now made in Japan. Yamaha is not the only worldwide motorcycle manufacturer with a factory in Indonesia. Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki also have Indonesia factories. However, Yamaha is the first to produce engines for their premium products outside their country of origin. Some of these factories build complete vehicles, some build components such as engines and others are simply assembly plants.

Interview: Gordon Tronson on his extraordinary multi-engine custom cars and motorcycles

In addition to its core lineup of automotive catalysts 3-way catalyst, diesel catalyst , Cataler promotes worldwide environmental conservation with electrode catalysts for fuel cells, motorcycle catalysts, activated carbon products, and carbon materials for capacitors. Cataler currently develops and supplies small- and large-scale motorcycle catalysts, marine catalysts for PWC and marine vessels, as well as a full range of large-scale catalysts for gas engine cogeneration used for private power generation, heating and hot water in buildings and towns. We also provide a variety of exhaust gas purifying catalysts for internal-combustion engines used in gardening equipment including lawn mowers and chainsaws, and for leisure vehicles such as ATVs and golf carts. Reduces the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gases of scooters and motorcycles into harmless carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen. Metal honeycomb catalyst used for PWC and other marine engine applications due to compliance with US exhaust regulations.

Before we begin to talk about how it all began, you need to know about a little story about the man who started it all, Mr. Soichiro Honda, a mechanic who managed to develop his own design for piston rings back in

Photographs and episodes straight from Honda's History book, prepared on Honda's 50th Anniversary. A period of turmoil for Honda and the rest of the world, yet a period in which Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa lived life to the fullest, striving towards dreams with creativity and a burning passion for success. Exhibited at the entrance of the Honda Collection Hall is this bicycle equipped with an auxiliary engine made from a small, remodeled unit that had served as a power generator for an old no. This engine marked the origin of Honda Motor, the start of a dream.


Current motorcycle engines are pretty sophisticated. You don't have to look at MotoGP engines to see it either, just visit any motorcycle dealer and look at the street bikes ready to follow you home. Many cc sportbikes produce over hp and cc liter bikes develop over hp. The Suzuki Hayabusa comes in around hp and thanks to a well developed aftermarket, the big 'Busa can be turbocharged, given the big bore treatment and, of course, fitted with nitrous, for unbelievable horsepower gains.

The s have been a decade full of exciting development and growth for Indian Motorcycle. Things started to turn around for Indian Motorcycle in , when Stellican Ltd. Don't miss the opportunity to explore today's Indian Motorcycle in the city where it all started over years ago. Brand-exclusive production of Indian Motorcycle models resumed in Legendary motorcycle racer, dealer, distributor, magazine publisher, race promoter, author, and motorcycle manufacturer Floyd Clymer had been working to revive the defunct Indian Motorcycle brand since

Capitalism II and Capitalism Lab Forum

Bonnier Corp. At Bonnier Corporation, your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, services, and websites offered by Bonnier Corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies collectively, "Bonnier". To better protect your privacy, we provide this notice explaining our privacy practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used by Bonnier. Orlando Ave.

Apr 18, - What's a surprising car fact that a lot of people might not know? One fact? Can removing baffles in the exhaust pipes of a motorcycle cause engine damage?Is Harley-Davidson likely to ever produce an engine.

It is almost impossible to do it from scratch. That would involve making your own bearings, seals and springs. I doubt you have the skill or knowledge to make a set of piston rings for instance.


BMW is arguably the most admired carmaker in the world. It's financial performance is the envy of its competitors, and BMW products inspire near-fanatical loyalty. While many carmakers struggle with falling sales, profits and market share, demand for BMWs continues to grow, frequently outpacing production.

The Best Car-Engined Motorcycles In The World

Quick links. I've gone through and flow charted all of the lines you can take to get to manufacturing. The only difference is that cars require car body whereas motorcycle just requires steel. The required quantity of input is noted below each product.

Does that motorcycle really have two engines? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous.

Veloce Publishing Ltd Amazon. This book covers the entire history, life and times of the famous British high-performance engineering company, from its foundation by Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth, through its often-exciting and always fascinating evolution, to its expansion and worldwide success in both motorsport and high-performance road car production. During an extensive career, he has had more than books published about motoring subjects, including motorsport and classics, and some definitive make and model histories. In the past Graham has owned several Cosworth-engined road cars, and has also been involved in confidential projects that included Cosworth content. He has been well-known to, and well-respected by, Cosworth for many years, and with the support, aid and enthusiasm of the company itself, Cosworth — The Search for Power is the only authentic book on this world-famous British automotive concern.

Top 6 Weird Car Engined Motorcycles!

A flat-twin engine is a two-cylinder internal combustion engine with the cylinders on opposite sides of the crankshaft. The most common type of flat-twin engine is the boxer-twin engine , where both cylinders move inwards and outwards at the same time. The flat-twin design was patented by Karl Benz in and the first production flat-twin engine was used in the Lanchester 8 hp Phaeton car released in The flat-twin engine was used in several other cars since, however a more common usage is in motorcycles; early models oriented the cylinders in line with the frame, however later models switched to the cylinders being perpendicular to the frame to provide even cooling across both cylinders. Flat-twin engines were also used in several aircraft up until the s and in various stationary applications from the s to the s.

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