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Commercial building small packaged food concentrates

Commercial building small packaged food concentrates

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Processing, food applications and safety of aloe vera products: a review

Aloe vera is used for vigor, wellness and medicinal purposes since rigvedic times. Health benefits of aloe vera include its application in wound healing, treating burns, minimizing frost bite damage, protection against skin damage from x-rays, lung cancer, intestinal problems, increasing high density lipoprotein HDL , reducing low density lipoprotein LDL , reducing blood sugar in diabetics, fighting acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS , allergies and improving immune system.

Phytochemistry of aloe vera gel has revealed the presence of more than bioactive chemicals. Aloe vera gel is extracted from its leaves and appropriate processing techniques are needed for stabilization as well as preparation of the end products.

The industries involved in processing of aloe vera need Government surveillance to ensure that the aloe vera products have beneficial bio-active chemicals as per claims of the manufacturers. Regulatory bodies also need to look into the safety and toxicological aspects of aloe vera products for food applications. The claims made for medicinal value of aloe products should be supported by authentic and approved clinical trial data. It is presumptive to mention that nutraceutical claims of aloe products made by the manufacturers are numerous.

However, approved clinical evidences are available only for lowering LDL, increasing HDL, decreasing blood glucose level, treating genital herpes and psoriases. Aloe vera has been used for its medicinal value for several thousand years.

In biblical times the Egyptians hailed aloe vera as the plant of immortality. The Chinese called it their elixir of youth. The aloe vera has many common names and often referred to as burn plant, first aid plant or medicine plant.

Aloe vera is known by a number of names in the literature i. Most reference books regard Aloe barbadensis Mill as correct species name, and Aloe vera L. Burm f. Bradley ; Newton ; Tucker et al. The genus Aloe has also been placed taxonomically in a family called Aloeaceae Farnsworth et al.

Aloe was originated in tropical Africa and it is now cultivated in warm climatic areas of Asia, Europe and America Harding Presently, the use of aloe vera has gained popularity because of herbal movement initiated by naturopaths, yog gurus, alternative medicine promoters and holistic healers.

A recent market analysis report indicates that in Americans have spent almost 40 billion dollars on functional foods, drinks and supplements for the improvement of their appearance as well as to provide energy and added nutrition to handle health issues such as hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. Aloe vera products are among the popular ones for these applications.

Today, the aloe vera industry is flourishing and the gel is used in many products such as fresh gel, juice and other formulations for health, medicinal and cosmetic purpose Eshun and He However, the fast expanding aloe vera industry urgently needs reliable testing protocols to assess the quality and quantity of bioactive chemicals present in the final products Bozzi et al.

The product claims must be tested by intensive clinical trials, verified and certified by the Government regulatory authorities to built consumer confidence and safety of the aloe vera products. Aloe vera is a spiky cactus like xerophytes.

It is a clump forming perennial plant with thick fibrous root which produces large basal leaves, usually 12—16 per plant, weighing up to 1. The leaves are up to 0. In a transverse section, the plant shows a slightly concave appearance on the adaxial surface and distinctly convex appearance on the lower abaxial surface Grindlay and Reynolds The leaves are covered with thick cuticle, beneath which epidermis and mesophyll are present.

Later is differentiated in upper chlorenchyma and lower parenchyma, as the rosette mature, successive leaves have fewer whitish spots and grey-greenish in colour Eshun and He Red, yellow, purple or pale stripped flowers are present most of the year growing in a long raceme at the top of the flower stalk which originates from the centre of the basal leaves.

The flower stalk grows up to 1. The fruit is a triangular capsule containing numerous seeds. The plant is practically disease free, occasionally black spots may occur on upper surface because of fungal infection or soft rottening may damage whole plant.

The causal organism for soft rottening is a bacterium. Frost is another enemy of aloe vera plant and it can not survive in frost conditions Grindlay and Reynolds Smoking in field during frost nights is one measure practiced by farmers to protect the plantation from frost.

There are over species of aloe grown world over. However, only two species are grown commercially i. Aloe barbadensis Miller Aloe vera and Aloe aborescens. There are at least two other species that have medicinal properties namely Aloe perry baker and Aloe ferox. Most aloe vera plants are non toxic but a few are extremely poisonous containing a hemlock like substance Atherton Aloe variegate is a dwarf species which is only a few centimeter in diameter and is a popular house plant.

There are as many as different types of molecules in aloe vera Davis The total solid content of aloe vera gel is 0. The aloe vera gel contains many vitamins including the important antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin B1 thiamine , niacin, Vitamin B2 riboflavin , choline and folic acid are also present Lawless and Allen Some authors also suggested the presence of vitamins B12 cyanocobalamin in trace amounts which is normally available in animal source Coats ; Atherton Chemical composition of aloe vera gel on dry weight basis Luta and McAnalley Carbohydrates are derived from mucilage layer of the plant under the rind, surrounding the inner parenchyma or gel.

They comprise both mono and polysaccharides. Structural studies on aloe vera gel polysaccharides have shown that the gel is composed of at least four different partially acetylated glucomannans, being linear polymers with no branching and having 1,4 glycosidic linkages with glucose and mannose in the ratio of The viscosity of gel reduces upon hydrolysis of these sugars.

Other reports suggest the presence of glucose and a polyuronide consisting of a high molecular weight glucose mannose polyose M r 2. Ovadova et al. Meadows reported that at least six enzymes are present in the aloe vera gel including bradykinase, cellulase, carboxypeptidase, catalase, amylase and oxidase. The carboxypeptidase inactivates bradykinase at site of wound or cut in body and produces pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. During the inflammatory process, bradykinase produces pain associated with vasodilatation Shelton The gel also contains glutothionperoxidase as well as several isozymes of superoxide dismutase.

Wang reported that potassium and chloride concentration appeared to be excessive in aloe vera juice in comparison to most plant products whereas the sodium content was found lesser in quantity. Calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium and iron were also found in the aloe products. Magnesium lactate inhibits histidine decarboxylase and prevents the formation of histamine from the amino acid histidine Shelton Histamine is released in many allergic reactions and causes intense itching and pain.

The prevention of its formation may explain the anti-allergic effects of aloe vera gel. Anthraquinones are the phenolic compounds present in the sap or yellow exudates of leaf or aloe vera latex. Aloe latex contains a series of glycosides known as anthraquinones, the most prominent being aloin A and aloin B Tyler The bitter aloes dried yellow exudates consists of free anthraquinones and their derivatives i.

These compounds exerts a powerful purgative effects when ingested in large amounts but when low in concentration, they appear to aid absorption from the gut and are potent antimicrobial Sims et al. Isolation and structure determinations of these chromones from the aloe vera leaves were also studied and these compounds were identified to be 8-C-glycosylO methyl- S aloesol, isoaloeresin D and aloeresin E Saccu et al.

Recently, a glycoprotein with anti-allergic properties, called alprogen was isolated from aloe gel. In addition, a novel anti-inflammatory compounds, C-glycosyl chromones, has also been isolated from aloe gel Hutter and Salman About 20 out of 22 amino acids and seven of the eight essential amino acids required by human body are also present in aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera juice was evaluated for antioxidant potential and the study showed significant presence of antioxidant in aloe extracts. It is suggested that growth stage in aloe plant plays a vital role in the composition and antioxidant activity Hu et al.

Aloe vera juice also has antibacterial properties against Gram- positive bacteria Alemdar and Agaoglu Anonymous reported antiviral and antifungal properties of aloe vera.

Shelton , Peng et al. Ni and Tizard , Dagne et al. Aloe vera gel derived from the leaf pulp of the plant has become a big industry worldwide due to its application in the food industry. It is utilized in functional foods especially for the preparation of health drinks with no laxative effects. It is also used in other food products including milk, ice cream, confectionery, etc. Aloe vera gel is also used as flavoring component and preservative in some foods Christaki and Florou-Paneri Thus, a simple and efficient processing technique needs to be developed especially for the aloe beverage industry to improve product quality and safety by preserving the bioactive chemicals naturally present in the intact aloe vera leaf Eshun and He The production process of aloe vera juice involves crushing, grinding or pressing of the entire leaf of the aloe vera plant to produce a liquid, followed by various steps of filtrations and stabilization preserving the biological integrity of active ingredient to exert the reported physiological effect upon ingestion or topical application.

The resulting juice is then incorporated in or mixed with other preparations or agents to produce a pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food product. In food industry, aloe vera has been utilized as a source of functional food drinks and other beverages including tea.

The amount of aloe vera that finds its application in pharmaceutical industry is also substantial as evident by availability of topical ointments, gel preparations, tablets and capsules Eshun and He Unfortunately, because of improper processing procedures many of these so called aloe products contain very little or virtually no active ingredients namely, mucopolysaccharides.

In view of known wide spectrum of biological activities possessed by the leaves of aloe vera plant and its wide spread use, it has become imperative that the leaf must be processed with the aim of retaining essential bioactive components up to maximum possible limit or as much as contained in fresh leaf. The general steps involved in the processing of aloe vera are explained in the following paragraphs.

The aloe vera leaves after harvesting must be transported in refrigerated vans from field to the processing plant. One important factor affecting the composition of final product is the handling of the leaves after its harvesting because the decomposition of the gel matrix starts just after its cutting due to natural enzymatic reactions and the activity of bacteria normally present on the leaves.

It can adversely affect the quality of the end product. In this process green rind of leaf is removed to extract the parenchymatous tissue called the gel fillet Grindlay and Reynolds It is reported that the aloe gel extracted from the leaf had greater stability than the gel left in the leaf. The presence of anthraquinones is an important factor leading to non enzymatic browning in aloe products He et al. Enzymatic treatment of aloe vera gel for a long duration prior to processing is detrimental to polysaccharides Gowda et al.

Fibrous material is removed by this step.

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Aseptic processing is a processing technique wherein commercially thermally sterilized liquid products typically food or pharmaceutical are packaged into previously sterilized containers under sterile conditions to produce shelf-stable products that do not need refrigeration. There has been an increasing popularity for foods that contain small discrete particles, such as cottage cheese , baby foods , tomato products, fruit and vegetables , soups , and rice desserts. Aseptic processing involves three primary steps: thermal sterilization of the product, sterilization of the packaging material, and conservation of sterility during packaging. Packaging equipment and packaging materials are sterilized with various medium or combination of mediums i.

Aloe vera is used for vigor, wellness and medicinal purposes since rigvedic times. Health benefits of aloe vera include its application in wound healing, treating burns, minimizing frost bite damage, protection against skin damage from x-rays, lung cancer, intestinal problems, increasing high density lipoprotein HDL , reducing low density lipoprotein LDL , reducing blood sugar in diabetics, fighting acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS , allergies and improving immune system. Phytochemistry of aloe vera gel has revealed the presence of more than bioactive chemicals.

Beverage Copacker. Services of Parkside Beverage. That's where MyDrink can help. Liquid nutrition has grown both in popularity and in the variety of product offerings, including new concepts in liquid nutrition and the acceptance of functional beverages in the marketplace. The Company is a single source partner for food and beverage products including RTD coffees and teas, dips, sauces, and snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions - Food Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Warehouses

Nowadays, people spend more time and effort to gain greater control over their health by exploring alternative or herbal medicines and natural health products to prevent disease or for a healthier life. It is known that people who consume a diet rich in natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish, tend to lead a life free of diseases. Recent studies suggest that regular or increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and these health benefits are believed to be primarily due to their natural antioxidants and dietary fiber content. At present, consumers prefer foods with health benefits and, at the same time, convenient for consumption, storage, and handling. In this sense, ready-to-eat nutritious products, such as snack bars, are highly appreciated for their convenience. Snack bars are versatile products often made, with cereals, fruits, and nuts being an ideal food format to deliver healthy nutrients, bioactive compounds, and dietary fiber to the consumers. Functional Foods. Globally, a relatively substantial number of terms were used to define the natural health-developed food products. For this purpose, the names of functional foods, nutraceutical foods, pharmaceutical foods, designer foods, farmafoods, vitafoods, foodaceutical, etc.

Functional Properties of Snack Bars

Database of Ukrainian exporters. Commercial Offers of Chernivtsi region entities. List and approximate volume of products services ,. Contact person:Elena Reient Tel. Commercial Offer.

Sustainable shopping includes consideration of the way your food and other purchases are packaged.

Metrics details. Food preservation involves different food processing steps to maintain food quality at a desired level so that maximum benefits and nutrition values can be achieved. Food preservation methods include growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution of foods. The key objectives of food preservation are to overcome inappropriate planning in agriculture, to produce value-added products, and to provide variation in diet.

A review on mechanisms and commercial aspects of food preservation and processing

Basic installations or services. Equipment for a small-scale industrial plant. When considering the setting up of a fruit and vegetable processing plant, whether it be a cottage industry or a small industrial scale system, the first point to bear in mind is the infrastructure required to properly lodge all of the necessary equipment. Some time must thus be devoted to coordinate two aspects that are vital to the development of a project of this nature, namely costs and the quality of the infrastructure needed to achieve the established goals.

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For additional information, contact Steven Simpson. The incidence of spoilage in canned foods is low, but when it occurs it must be investigated properly. Swollen cans often indicate a spoiled product. During spoilage, cans may progress from normal to flipper, to springer, to soft swell, to hard swell. However, spoilage is not the only cause of abnormal cans. Overfilling, buckling, denting, or closing while cool may also be responsible.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Please let us know how we are doing by completing our customer service survey. Federal Contract Comments. Report Website Issues. The rules do not allow any type of manufacturing or holding of food for distribution in any areas used as living or sleeping quarters unless it is completely partitioned from your home. Produce a food product or a component of a food and either package it for customer self-serve or sell to another business that will serve to customers or resale i. The term "Wholesale" means to sell something to another individual, company, store i.

which food, containers or supplies are kept, handled, prepared, packaged, stored, or placed in . only in a relatively small proportion such as cake mixes. . commercial food service establishment equipment and facilities. the edible portions of one or more fruits or vegetables, or any concentrates of such liquid or puree. It.

Also available in printable brochure format PDF kb. For centuries, ingredients have served useful functions in a variety of foods. Our ancestors used salt to preserve meats and fish, added herbs and spices to improve the flavor of foods, preserved fruit with sugar, and pickled cucumbers in a vinegar solution. Today, consumers demand and enjoy a food supply that is flavorful, nutritious, safe, convenient, colorful and affordable.

The company was established in Portugal in , building a brand-new factory and it is now one of the largest producers of fruit juice concentrates in Portugal. Its mission is to remain as national leader and come to have an important position in the international market, producing with quality, excellence and innovation, respecting the highest standards of food safety, to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and other stakeholders: shareholders, employees, suppliers and community. Top Legal notice Cookies Contact information Site map.

Establishing production facilities 2. Introduction 2. The site 2. Design and construction of the building 2.

Food packaging technology is primarily concerned with packaging activities regarding protection of food products from biological, physical or chemical agents. With the growth of modern civilization, people are getting more concerned with hygiene and quality of the food.

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