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Residential and commercial space-cooling demands are increasing steadily throughout the world as what once was considered a luxury is now seemingly a necessity. Air-conditioning manufacturers have played a big part in making units more affordable by increasing their efficiency and improving components and technology. The competitiveness of the industry has increased with demand, and there are many companies providing air conditioning units and systems.

SACMI designs and manufactures machines and complete plants, developed on the basis of the specific needs of each individual customer, sector and market. SACMI is the only company in the world equipped to control every step of the Beverage production line, from pellets to pallets. Available in hygienic, ultra-hygienic and aseptic versions, SACMI FFS form-fill-seal packaging machines reflect the state of the art of the dairy product packaging industry, thanks to high production speeds, versatility in the management of different formats, and possibility of managing new concept containers with an attractive design.

Stronger measures are in place at our borders to stop African swine fever from entering Australia. Submit an idea that opens the door to new trade ties and opportunities for Australian agriculture.

Bulgarian aluminum product manufacturer Alcomet AD, located in Shumen, has awarded SMS group the order to supply a flexible, modern cold rolling mill for the production of a wide range of high-quality aluminum strips. The current portfolio of rolled products comprises foil stock for containers and household use, technological foils, sheet and strips for coolers, heat exchangers and for construction. The company uses in-house cast strip of alloy series 1xxx, 3xxx and 8xxx as input material.

The Hammer Museum believes in the promise of art and ideas to illuminate our lives and build a more just world. Welcome to Wallace Metal Art Website. Through the program, artists can upload high-resolution digital images of their artwork, specify the sizes, set the prices and sell their prints to online visitors.

A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

Our customers are mainly LARP and reenactment enthusiasts but also a variety of theatres and playhouses. If you need free samples of our fabrics, we will glady send them to you.

Alke' electric vehicles are widely used in the industrial sector. The high performance levels they offer together with robustness and high degrees of autonomy make them the ideal solution for applications in industry, allowing significant savings in terms of costs. They are also compact and can be operated in closed environments, making them ideal for warehouse logistics management.

Shipyard , shore establishment for building and repairing ships. In 18th-century British shipyards, the hull was towed to a floating stage called a sheer hulk, where it received its masts and rigging. Modern ships also are launched incomplete.

Custom Lead Molds. But they are softer than blued steel and require gentle handling.